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FAQ — Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find some of the most common questions I get for Spito Share.
In case you have a question not covered here don't hesitate to contact me.

  • What is a this ?

    Spito Share is a super-fast minimalistic URL shortener service and a text/source code sharing service. In a few words, you can share either a long URL or any text you want with your friends or colleagues using the short generated Spit link (

    Although it is not a commercial product feel free to use it for your own projects or personal social media sharing needs. As soon as the project is out of Beta, I promise that even if I switch the project's internals/back-end to another framework or server I will keep the active/alive links reachable.

  • What is a Spit ?

    Spit is the nickname, if you want, for all the created links through Spito Share.

  • Is my uploaded content secure ?

    Anyone with access to the Spit URL created can see your content. Future versions will include private spit links.

  • Can I delete a Spit link I made ?

    Only by contacting me directly and in extreme cases. The reason is that since everything is public we don't want anyone to be able to delete other's links.

  • What is the point of the Text & Source Code type of Spit ?

    At the moment it seems to be just like a big text box where you can put your text or source code and get a shareable link for it to allow easy sharing with others. Soon more features will be added like code syntax highlighting. The goal is to have a minimalistic plain text or source code sharing tool, like a stripped-down version of Gists.


Spito Share started as a fun project last year and I continued to add features, mostly improving the UI with materialish design.

Spito Share backend initially consisted of a REST API built using Go (#golang) language with Couchbase Server as datastore. The front-end client (the one you are using right this moment) has been created using Google Dart, which I have been using for the last couple years in all my projects.
Awesome combination I have to admit.

Really it was, but now I am not using Dart so much due to low acceptance by the world :)

If you have any questions or want to talk to me for any reason (feedback extremely welcome) please contact me using any of the following methods:

The source code of this project and its API can be found in my Github account. I have to warn you though that the code for the client is really old and does not follow best practices :)
Spito web clientSpito API

If you want to see my other open sourced projects please visit my Github profile.